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Address: Changfeng Avenue on the 15th High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Hengyang City in Hunan Province   TEL:86-734-8856368

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our parent company - Hunan Jinhua Technology Group Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise that integrates the research, production, sale and service of lubricant for water-based graphite mandril that is applied to the production of steel tube (rolled steel) and MPM plant【MORE+】

JXR-2004 high temperature water based core rod lubricant

JXR-2000 water-based graphite core rod lubricant

JXR-2004 Borax Antioxidant

JXR-2006 powder graphite core rod lubricant

Jinhua Technology

Hengyang Jinhua High Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd.


Our company engages in the development, manufacturing and sale of metal pressure vessel and is one of the manufacturers for seamless steel gas cylinder, compressed natural gas steel cylinder for automobiles, and steel-lined hoop-winding CNG gas cylinder.Meanwhile, in the coming three years, the head office of Jinhua will integrate its main business - high-tech chemical engineering and Jinhua’s high-volume gas cylinder business to bring about the overall listing of mainboard and to turn itself into a first-class private listed enterprise in the locality of Hengyang. ...



Hengyang Jinhua Properties Co., Ltd.


Our first livable and ecological building - Jinhua Zhongyang Longting is located at the middle axle of Jiefang Road and Hengzhou Road, adjoins Changfeng Road in the east and Fengshun Road to the north. The product covers a building area of 54,253 square meters out of a total planned area of 15.4 mu. The construction of the first stage of the project - Jinhua International Trade Center was started at the end of 2013 and the main body is expected to be completed in 2014. The International Trade Center is an economic complex that is targeted at the head....



Hengyang Xianghe Energy Co., Ltd.


Our company specializes in the the refit, repair and service of CNG automobiles. In November 2010, we obtained the License on Installation, Refit and Repair of Special Equipment (Code: TS3243034-2014; Scope: gas cylinder for autos) as issued by Hunan Administration for Supervision of Technical Quality. Our company boasts first-rate hardware and software in China, ranks the first in refit scale in Hunan Province, offers the best after-sales service and guarantee, and is the unit that has been the focus of recommendation by Hunan Administration for Supervision of Technical Quality and the refit unit as appointed by Hengyang Vehicle Management Station...



Hengyang Jintai Safety Production Test & Inspection Co., Ltd.


Our company was founded in 2011 with a registered capital of 3 million Yuan. Now we have 21 professional inspection personnel, including one doctor, one postgraduate, five senior engineers and five engineers, as well as test area of more than 1,000 square meters and 95 advanced instruments (gaschromatograph, atomic absorption spectrometer, ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer, infrared thermal imager, magnetic field leakage scanning detector with variable diameter at the outer wall of tube, etc.). The investment at the primary stage totals over 10 million Yuan...



Hengyang Jinhua Zhengyu Media Co., Ltd.


On the strength of great competitiveness, our company obtained the 15-year exclusive advertising agency of the Happy Trip Channel (FM97.8) of Hengyang in 2013. In 2014, Zhengyu stood out from many powerful advertisement companies in Hunan by cooperating with Tencent and setting up the Tencent properties in Hengyang. Moreover, we have put into full operation of Tencent’s property network of Hengyang, Tencent WeChat and other related products....




Hengyang Shunyi Property Management Co., Ltd.


We are a national grade-III property management enterprise and are ready to apply for membership of the property management association of Hengyang. As a limited liability company with sole proprietorship, our company is located in the commercial center of the development area (Room 314 Jinhua Technology Office Building, No. 15 Changfeng Road),with office area of 85 square meters and a registered capital of 500,000 Yuan. Shunyi has set up the General Manager Office (Human Resource Department, Administration Department...