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Shunyi Property

Shunyi Property

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Hengyang Shunyi Property Management Co., Ltd.
Founded in July 2014 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hunan Jinhua Technology Group, Hengyang Shunyi Property Management Co., Ltd. is one of the business entities that engages in property management service and has been established recently. We are a national grade-III property management enterprise and are ready to apply for membership of the property management association of Hengyang. As a limited liability company with sole proprietorship, our company is located in the commercial center of the development area (Room 314 Jinhua Technology Office Building, No. 15 Changfeng Road),with office area of 85 square meters and a registered capital of 500,000 Yuan. Shunyi has set up the General Manager Office (Human Resource Department, Administration Department, Quality Management Department, Department, Marketing Department, Operation Management Department), Finance Department, Engineering Management Department, Safety Management Department and Customer Service Department. Now we have a total workforce of 10, including five personnel with intermediate professional title or above and five technical personnel. We have entered into cooperation with Jinhua Properties Co., Ltd. and up to now we have become a rising star of the same industry. 
As Shunyi is becoming more powerful, our company lays great stress on brand construction. Focusing on responsibility and taking brand as our soul, Shunyi makes great efforts in both management and service, and gives play to our overall corporate strength and advantages in terms of managerial experience, service quality, talent pool, brand competition, etc. Backed up by scientific, standard management system, efficient, professional talents and rational and passionate corporate culture, we have taken the lead in the same industry in introducing the “responsibility system of first asking” in order to lay a solid foundation in property management constantly, meet the individualized needs of house owners, provide house owners with convenient, prompt and excellent service and create a first-class working and living environment. We have also worked to bring about distinct features of service and give full play to the advantages of Mingjia brand. Furthermore, we commit to attaining new heights in the brand value of services with a view to winning widespread trust and respect of customers of high-end markets.
In the coming future, all our staff members will continue to work as one to create high quality wholeheartedly, create value enthusiastically, repay the society sincerely and bring harmony to all our house owners.   
Corporate vision: Once serving a project, high quality must be achieved. To become a reliable property management company and to find out customer needs, upgrade the comprehensive ability of enterprise constantly, shift from customer needs to customer satisfaction and become the most trustworthy property management company for clients;   
Operation management concept: integrity, standard, innovation, win-win outcome, integrity as root, standard as approach, uphold innovative efforts, achieve win-win outcome with customers;
Service concept: quality service, genuine care;
Quality service: attention to details, pursuit of perfection; no best, but better;
Genuine care: Our innermost emotion and care are embodied in every single moment of our service;
Core values: work wholeheartedly, act with good faith, rooted in love, full devotion, challenge ourselves, create value; good faith is to treat others with sincerity, win trust through credit, keep promises, act in a concrete way and seek truth;
Doctrine of Shunyi: great virtue, wonderful service;
Great virtue: have a definite goal; when it comes to behavior and work, virtue counts;
Wonderful service: pursuit of excellence; no best but better;云顶集团用户登录